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A simple github action that automatically deploys Django app to heroku.

The github action can be found on github market place here.

The repo can be found here. I encourage and welcome all pull requests.

Getting Started

heroku-django-deploy uses three methods to deploy your Django app to heroku ie.

Unless you are using git make sure you have a Procfile or a Dockerfile or a heroku.yml in your project root directory together with the requirements.txt file.

1. Deploy with git

By default if you do not specify the deployment option it will use git or else alternatively specify the use_git: true option in the with tag. …

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Full stack application Part 2 with Spring boot and React js, with REACT REDUX , JEST Test Runner

This is a continuation of a Part 1 full stack application with Spring boot and React js, with webpack and babel which the git repository can be found here.

Lets go

Before we move on make sure you have folder structure that we ended up with in Part 1 of this series.

- sample-project-root
- frontend
- src
- actions
- components
- reducers
- src
- main
- js
- static
- resources
- templates

If not make sure you follow Part1 of this series where we setup our Spring Boot RESTful API Server and configured React with Babel and Webpack.

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Full-stack application with Spring boot and React js, with WEBPACK & BABEL. JUNIT Tests , RESTful API.

1. Spring Boot (Initializer)

To start off with you can use Spring Initializr to get the Spring Boot project structure for you, and this can be found here

Once you get there in this case im using Maven , and that’s my personal preference over Gradle since it gives a nice xml layout for your setup , in terms of installing dependency , plugins etc. its essentially a tool for your project management, just like package.json for those who are familiar with node js.

You also need to add a couple of dependencies which…

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A Flutter package reactivestore which helps developers in managing the state of their apps and creating reactive components/widgets with less boiler plate code. Check it in here.

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A datastructure_collection written in Python which helps developers and big-data scientists in implementing fast and efficient algorithms.


The Pypi datastructer_collection package can be found here.

Getting Started

The datastructure_collection has three data structure classes :

I Look forward to add more data-structures in the future.


Run the following to install package :

pip install datastructure_collection



To use this package :

from datastructure_collection import BinarySearchTreefrom datastructure_collection import HashMapfrom datastructure_collection import LinkedList

1. Binary Search Tree

The Binary Search Tree operations and the time complexities are shown in the table below:

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A new Flutter package which helps developers in creating Customizable Scrollable Footer for both Android and IOS Apps.

See Package here on pub store.

Flutter State Management can be somehow difficult to understand for a beginner and somewhat tiresome to learn as it has so many options to achieve the same thing. In this project i am going to show you how you can easily manage your states using Providers and ChangeNotifiers in flutter. I will be using a pop-up Dialog(modal) to manage my states.

Problem to be solved:

Say you want to have a simple customer registration page and inside this page you have a floating action button that when pressed it pops up a modal / Dialog that allows you to capture fields like name, surname email address etc. …


Tafadzwa L Nyamukapa

Fullstack developer with a huge passion for building software, and explore new technologies. #Springboot #Django #nodejs #flutter #reactjs #laravelphp #express

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